“Good luck to you,” the lady behind the desk on the 15th floor said without even looking at me.

I was handing in my badge – the final step that would complete my termination. I looked out the window one last time. It was this breathtaking view, overlooking Georgetown and the Potomac, that captivated me years ago.

I glanced over at the very seat I sat in as a potential candidate, anxiously awaiting my interviews. For a brief moment, I could see that girl in full business attire, trying with all her might to appear confident, to look like she belonged.

But inside, she was a wreck, overwhelmed with hope for the future and the desire to be accepted into this elite club. Her excitement was so palpable she was afraid it would knock her out. Never before had she come so close to her once seemingly unattainable goal – to work for her dream company.

I snapped back to reality (cue Eminem).

With the receptionist’s tepid words still ringing in my ears, I turned my back to the majestic view and walked out the double doors.

What now, I thought on my long elevator ride down. My journey to get here, and everything I’ve worked for over the past 14 months culminated in a moment so anticlimactic it was comical.

I walked past the security guards, past the point of no return, and stepped out into the beaming sun. I traced my fingers over the company logo proudly engraved into the side of the building, and a smile crept in.

The world looked brighter, and I was full of life again.

There was only one way to go – forward! With that, I sprinted towards the metro station, towards my next chapter.

Last Day Sentiments
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3 thoughts on “Last Day Sentiments

  • June 22, 2016 at 12:28 am

    You're such a good writer! Just double checking–you're still DC based, right?

  • June 23, 2016 at 3:54 am

    wow I could feel your emotions through your writing! Good luck Jennifer! I think you'll do great!


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