Small-Group SAT

Ah, the SAT, a name with so many changes even College Board has given up on defining the acronym altogether. Terrorizing high schoolers since 1926, it’s at best a nuisance for students nationwide. And at worst? Well, let’s just deem the ambiguously named exam SATan’s test.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

At its core, the SAT is a highly predictable exam. Prep with Jen has spent years and countless hours dissecting each section to bring you a structured study plan.

If you

  • are not scoring as high as you would like,
  • don’t have the time or energy to break down every missed problem, and
  • are frustrated with College Board’s insufficient answer explanations,

then this class is for you!

The small-group environment serves two main purposes. It provides your instructors with the flexibility to tailor their teaching and gives you the benefit of valuable peer-to-peer learning.

Filled with proven strategies and interactive exercises, these classes will arm you with the tools you need to show the SAT what you’re made of!

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