About Jen Lu


Before I discuss who I am, I want to mention who I’m not. I’m not a businesswoman who happens to teach.

I’m a teacher whose dream of helping overwhelmed teenagers navigate the stressful high school years led me to start a business.

I graduated from the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce. I also have a minor in math. I’ve always enjoyed sharing my knowledge with others, but it took time and a healthy dose of courage for me to figure out how to pursue my passion.

Now, I’m on a mission to help students master fundamentals, gain confidence, and realize their full potential. Through my lighthearted yet effective approach, students will be well on their way to conquering the all-too-serious college entrance exam. Nothing, short of lounging around on a beach in Cancun, makes me happier than delivering personalized teaching to each of my students.

Teaching PhilosophySAT Binders

My teaching style is firm, but encouraging. I have high expectations for my students and push them to test their own boundaries. At the same time, I recognize their efforts and am not shy about offering praise when it’s well deserved.

It is widely known that different students learn differently. For some, Geometry comes naturally, while for others, Algebra is much more intuitive. I strive to enable students’ success by adapting to their unique learning styles.

I’ve also found that regardless of the type of learner, there are a number of difficult topics that many students struggle with. Over the years, I’ve compiled a list of these concepts and worked tirelessly to create effective methods of teaching them. Often, my students are just missing a few fundamentals. Once I fill in the gaps, a light bulb goes off for them. Few things are more rewarding to me than watching my students reach that moment of enlightenment.