So you teach SAT prep?


There are so many people offering tutoring and test prep. Are you aware of how much competition you have?

Yes, I am painfully aware.

Well, we like competition. It gives us options. So what makes your services different?

“Exceptional,” “one-of-a-kind,” “superior.” These are all words test prep companies use to differentiate themselves.

The truth is, there is nothing revolutionary about the characteristics of good teachers: smart, compassionate individuals with effective communication skills and a genuine desire to share their knowledge.

See? Nothing to it.

In all seriousness, that’s why I love my job. When untainted by politics, teaching to me is one of the purest professions in the world. At Prep with Jen, we take pride not only in our teacher’s credentials, but also their ability to connect with students. Success to us means more than a high score. It means instilling a confidence that will stay with our students long after the SAT becomes a distant memory.

And yes, that day will come.

Do you give score guarantees?

No, I don’t.

What kind of test prep company doesn’t give out score guarantees?

The kind that doesn’t lure you in with marketing schemes.

The next time you see a “X point guarantee,” read the fine print. Yes, all of it.

I have yet to come across a score guarantee that lives up to expectations. The lengths of some rival those of critical reading passages. Most of them don’t even give you money back. Instead, they offer you the opportunity to retake their course for free. This may sound great, but the logic is flawed. If the course didn’t help you the first time, why would retaking it be any more beneficial?

In reality, no tutor can replace a student’s drive, so be wary of anyone who makes lofty promises. Learning is a two-way street. At Prep with Jen, we supply quality instruction using proven methods and expect students to fully engage. Once they learn the strategies, it’s up to them to practice until they master said strategies. This process takes dedication, diligence, and relentless effort, but the payoffs are huge.

When students come to me ecstatic about their score improvements (some of which are over 200 points!), I always commend them on their own efforts. I know I’m a vehicle, and not the sole reason for their success.

Interesting… How is SAT prep with you structured?

During the school year, we hold small-group classes that target specific SAT exam dates. The comprehensive course runs for 8 weeks, and we meet once per week for 3.5 hours. We use a combination of group lessons, partner exercises, and independent practice to keep students engaged. In addition to teaching streamlined strategies for each component of the exam (reading, writing, math, and essay), we also simulate test-day conditions by offering full-length, proctored practice exams.

Summer classes use the same material, but are more condensed to accommodate students’ other camp and vacation plans.

Do you offer any services beyond test prep classes?

Why, yes! We also offer private math tutoring. Please reach out for more information.

How do I sign up?

To enroll in our small-group classes, click here. To schedule private lessons, please email